Leatherette Passport Cover Wallet Holder

$ 19.99

Click or swipe the product photos to see the design options. When purchasing multiple passport covers with different colors and/or designs, add each variation to the cart separately.
Please type in your name or initials depending on the design(s) and what you want engraved. For designs that don't require personalization, or if you don't want want the design only and no name or initials, type NONE.

Personalized Leatherette Passport Wallet Cover Holder. Purchase for yourself or give it as a gift and have it personalized with the design of your choice. Perfect for Graduation, wedding, anniversary, birthday, Mother's Day, Father's Day, or any other day.

Personalization is Laser Engraved, NOT embossed, stamped, printed, painted or any other type. This means that the personalization design/name you choose, will last a lifetime.

********** DETAILS AND FEATURES **********

-Permanently engraved with a laser engraver. Design and personalization will not wear off
-Overall outside dimensions when unfolded: 8 1/2"(w)x5 5/8"(h)
-3 pockets total
-Soft and supple
-Leather like material can be cleaned with water and mild soap
-The passport cover will fit a standard US passport and other passports that are 3.5"x5" or smaller
-All colors will only engrave black except for the rustic and black covers.
-RUSTIC will only engrave gold with a possible hint of black/brown in some of the letters/design.
-BLACK will only engrave gold or silver.
-Please refer to product photos.

Initially, the passport may be a tight fit. It is designed this way. The material will stretch and we still want your passport to stay securely inside.

You will not receive a proof before your item is engraved and shipped.

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