Pit Bull Cell Phone Card Holder – Sweenks Laser Engraving
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Pit Bull Cell Phone Card Holder

Pit Bull Cell Phone Card Holder

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Perfect for Mother's Day, Father's Day, Christmas, Birthday or a Graduation gifts.

Rest assured that your item will truly be unique because you personalized it with Sweenks Custom Laser Engraving.

-------------------- Details and Dimensions ------------------

-2.625" x 3.125"
-Can fit a standard size business card, credit card, ID, ID badge, or similar and smaller items.
-Can hold 2 cards.
-Soft and supple leatherette.
-Leather like material can be cleaned with water and mild soap.
-Permanent engraving ensures the name/initials/design will last a lifetime.
-All colors will only engrave black, with the exception of RUSTIC and BLACK.
-RUSTIC will engrave all gold with a possible hint of black in some of the letters.
-BLACK can only engrave all gold or all silver. The engraving on black will have a metallic look.